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  • Dog ramp or dog stairs?
    Our dog ramp offers all dogs a flat and stepless entry angle into the car. The treads are very wide and give even anxious dogs a safe feeling when stepping onto the steps. The ramp cannot fall over either, as it is placed flat on the loading sill. With dog stairs, the stress on the joints is significantly higher, as there is always a steep section to overcome without resistance. The four-legged friends can also get between the steps if they walk unsafely and slip uncontrollably. This is almost impossible with a telescopic dog ramp. Conclusion: The older the dog gets, the more difficult it becomes with the dog stairs. Many dogs even refuse to climb the stairs out of fear.
  • What should I look out for when buying a dog ramp?
    Please don't choose the dog ramp too short. The steeper the entrance, the more difficult it is for the dog. Also pay attention to careful and high-quality processing. Aluminum dog ramps are also very easy to care for. Our dog ramps are easy to use and pack away.
  • What distinguishes a good dog ramp?
    In addition to being easy to use, it should give the dog a sense of security and offer optimal boarding assistance. Look for an anti-slip surface structure. We use artificial turf, which also stays pleasantly cool in summer.
  • Is the dog ramp easy to clean?
    It can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with a damp cloth. Occasionally the spars should be treated with silicone spray. The tread is easy to clean when wet or dry.
  • What does the dog ramp weigh?
    The dog ramp has a weight of 10 to 15 kg (depending on the version). However, the weight is not noticed because the principle is based on extending and retracting the dog ramp while it is lying down. Lifting out is not required.
  • Which length is ideal for me?
    If you drive a car with a low loading sill (less than 60 cm) and do not intend to switch to another larger vehicle, the 2 meter variant is sufficient. Otherwise, we recommend the longer version, as they have proven to be an all-round talent in everyday use.
  • Can the dog ramp also be used for other purposes?
    Of course, our patented dog ramp can also be used for other purposes. Car, SUV, off-road vehicle, caravan, boat or even truck. The dog ramp was also used to negotiate steps. But only for dogs, not for humans!!!
  • Which custom-made products are possible?
    In addition to the 2.0 and 2.6 m long telescopic dog ramps, you can also order the very long dog ramps online from us. These are then available in sizes of 3.2 and 3.6 meters.
  • Wie kann eine Hunderampe Hunden mit Arthrose unterstützen?
    Unsere Hunderampen sind besonders hilfreich für Hunde mit Arthrose, da sie den Druck auf die Gelenke reduzieren und eine schonende Möglichkeit bieten, Höhenunterschiede zu überwinden, ohne zusätzlichen Stress für die betroffenen Gelenke.
  • Kann man Hunderampen auch im Innenbereich verwenden?
    Ja, unsere Hunderampen sind vielseitig einsetzbar und können sowohl im Innen- als auch im Außenbereich verwendet werden. Sie eignen sich beispielsweise auch für den Zugang zu Betten oder Sofas im Haus, in erster Linie jedoch für den gesunden Einstieg in den Kofferraum.
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